Ferrous vs Non-Ferrous Metal: Powder Coating in Rhode Island

Powder Coating for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous MetalsWhen it comes to choosing the best powder coating solutions in Rhode Island and the surrounding area, whether the parts and products are used in the marine industry or any other type of industry, it is important to know as much as you can about the materials that you are going to be using. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as a variety of metal alloys, utilize this popular and durable Rhode Island metal finishing to increase the anti-corrosion and long-lasting protective properties of these materials.

Understanding the basic difference between these products and the different types of coating solutions available, can help you to make more informed choices that will lead you to better options for your parts and products. Whether it is applied to ferrous, non-ferrous or aluminum alloy, powder coating solutions are extremely beneficial to the quality and longevity of your finished product. It is important to select a solution that will provide you with cost-effective results that will enhance the properties of the products you create.

Ferrous vs. Non-Ferrous
The simplest answer that can be provided with regard to identifying the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is that ferrous metals contain iron, while non-ferrous metals do not. You can identify a ferrous metal by using a magnet in most situations, but there are other telltale signs as well. Each type of metal has its own distinctive properties that increase strength, durability and function.

  • Common ferrous metals used in Rhode Island metal finishing include cast iron, wrought iron, alloy steel and carbon steel, which is used extensively in the construction industry. Because ferrous metals have a high carbon content, they are very susceptible to rust and other types of corrosion, which is why powder coating solutions in Rhode Island are so important.
  • Popular non-ferrous metals include aluminum, which is the number one most-recycled metal on the planet, copper, tin and even lead. Precious and costly metals like silver and gold, also fall under the non-ferrous metals category. They have a natural resistance to rust and corrosion, however they can be improved upon with quality Rhode Island metal finishing, such as aluminum alloy powder coating and other powder coating solutions.

Aluminum Alloy Powder Coating
Aluminum is perhaps the most widely used non-ferrous metal due to its plentiful availability, environmental appeal and cost-effectiveness. Is can be easily cast, extruded and forged, machined and welded according to the unique needs of the manufacturer. Enhancements, such as powder coating solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, only help to make improvements to this versatile metal, which is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and ability to stand up to a variety of environments.

One of the most durable types of Rhode Island metal finishing, powder coating allows manufacturers to choose from a wide range of colors, textures and styles. This helps them to further customize their parts through the use of ferrous, non-ferrous and aluminum alloy powder coating solutions. Powder coating is low in cost, cost-effective, provides many years of quality protection and offers low-maintenance to businesses and consumers alike. Powder coating can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as other alloys and materials, depending on the needs of the product or industry.

Why Choose Powder Coating Solutions
If you are looking for a way to protect your ferrous and non-ferrous metals, choose powder coating solutions from SEAmless Powder Coating to enhance your finished product. Powder coating solutions in Rhode Island create a surface that is much less likely to be chipped or scratched during normal use. Unlike paint and other types of applications, the colors applied with your Rhode Island metal finishing of powder coating, will remain bright, brilliant and lively for many years to come. It provides a long-lasting finish and can be applied in a number of textures, finishes and colors.

SEAmless Powder Coating has well over 25 years worth of experience working with powder coating solutions in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the entire New England region. We specialize in marine industry services, due to our experience at SEAmless Marine – one of the most trusted names in the marine industry; but we also provide solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys and more, for many different industries and consumer products. Give us a call at 508-644-2878 or use our online contact form to start your inquiry into SEAmless Powder Coating. Learn more about how our team can provide you with top quality solutions for your industry products and parts.